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Having a clean car might make you feel good about yourself, particularly if you’re a car enthusiast! Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, has mastered the techniques and has the right chemicals to put your car seats and interior back to life.

We also specialize in deep cleaning all types of cars as one of Hastings, East Sussex’s most affordable cleaning companies. We help in the maintenance of private and lease-owned cars, whether it’s accessing those hard-to-reach areas where little fingers have been wiped or deep cleaning coffee-stained seats. When buying and selling cars, we can also ensure that your vehicle looks as good as new.

Cloth car seats show more dirt than leather or suede, but don’t be fooled by this; these fabrics are easily cleaned and can be restored to factory condition. Of course, a leather interior is more comfortable, but it will eventually become tired, worn, or cracked. Whatever the cause or problem, our expert team is ready to help you.


Step 1: Identifying
We locate any stains or stubborn marks in your vehicle and use a pre-spotting solution to disturb the dirt molecules and loosen them from the fibers. This makes them a lot easier to remove upon extraction.

 Step 2: Manual Agitation & Drill Agitation (if needed)
We agitate the dirt molecules by using a specialist upholstery brush to the affected area once all stubborn stains have been spotted and the chemical agent has been applied. This helps in both lifting and breaking down the dirt. If we are unable to remove the dirt manually, we have a variety of drill brushes available, ranging from soft to hard, to help us in removing the stains.

Step 3: Extraction and rinse
The final step of the service is to use a hot water extraction method to remove all of the dirt. By pumping hot water mixed with a chemical agent into the car seat at high pressure, bacteria and other harmful substances are killed while all dirt and grime are removed.

 Step 4: Apply Cleaner
Using a microfiber cloth, we apply the leather cleaner to all of the seats. The top layer of dirt and grease is then removed by gently rubbing it into the leather. After that, we let the seats dry before repeating the process.

 Step 5: Re-Conditioning
We apply a conditioner to the leather to restore moisture, a bit similar to how we did during the leather cleaning stage.

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