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Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, understands the investment you’ve made in the upholstered furniture you’ve chosen, which helps to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for the whole family while also adding character and individuality to a room and allowing you to express your own personal style.

It’s a shame when the fabrics you’re surrounded by becoming tired, dingy, dirty, and even unhygienic. Over time and with a growing family, such wear and tear are inevitable, but Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, can help you restore the fresh-smelling, attractive, and safe environment you desire in your home.
Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, offers a simple maintenance plan that may prolong the life of your upholstery while also keeping your home healthy and welcoming for all members of the family. We want to help our customers restore their upholstery to its original crispness, and we’ve seen the difference a deep upholstery clean can make in a room time and time again.
Soft furnishings come in a wide range of fabrics, materials, and construction methods, so one cleaning solution does not fit all. Your Carpet Pride professional in Hastings, East Sussex, will be able to recommend you on the best way to perform a thorough, deep-down clean using the most up-to-date upholstery cleaning methods.

We will always send out a professional technician for upholstery work who knows exactly how to clean your specialty fabric. He or she will always thoroughly examine the furniture’s fiber to determine its type before starting any cleaning. We’ll be able to safely deep steam clean your furniture once we’ve determined the fiber content.

Stain Removal
All of our stain and spot cleaning skills produce remarkable results. Thousands of stains of various types have been dealt with and removed around Hastings, East Sussex, and the surrounding areas. Perhaps this is why customers consider us to be the best at stain and spot removal.

Dust Mite Removal
Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, understands the importance of your family’s health. Allergens such as hayfever, asthma, and other allergies can make life uncomfortable, and in some cases, almost unbearable. Our dust mite removal product is not only effective, but it also keeps the environment safe for family and pets.

Water Staining
Accidents sometimes happen; thus, in the event of water damage or other liquid spillages, our skilled professionals are on hand to provide advice on the best cleaning solutions.

Deodorising & Odour Removal
Over half of all families in the United Kingdom are pet owners, and we all know what may happen to a pet dog or cat’s favorite armchair. The professionals at Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, are trained to remove contaminants, stains, and odors from fabrics and furniture. All of your upholstered furnishings will be restored to their original freshness quickly using our micro-bacterial removal and sanitization methods.

Call Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, now at 01424 751 594 to learn more about the benefits of our professional upholstery cleaning service and to schedule an appointment with one of our team.


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