Rug Cleaning Services

At Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, we know how carefully you choose your rugs to add style and color to your home. We’re delighted to work with you to protect your beautiful possessions so they remain to be a valuable asset as time passes.

Professional Rug Cleaning Service

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It’s a pity when attractive rugs become soiled, stained, and attract pollutants like germs, pollen, and smoke – but Carpet Pride’s professionals are on call to restore them to their former glory.


Rug cleaning is a specialist task, and we use cutting-edge technology to deliver outstanding results. Our five-step rug cleaning procedure ensures complete customer satisfaction, with the choice of having the work done on your premises or using our convenient pick-up and return service.

Specialist Rug Cleaning Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, specializes in cleaning antique, oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian, and Native American rugs, and all have unique fabric and weave characteristics. A luxurious rug is a stylish investment for your home that requires special maintenance to prolong its life and allow you to enjoy it fully.

A freshly cleaned rug has brighter, clearer colors and is once again odor and stain-free. We will restore the beautiful rug you once proudly chose, whether the problem is long-standing marks, pet odors, water or liquid spill damage, or just the damage caused by many feet and the passage of time.

Dust Mite Removal
Rugs, like carpets, can attract dust mites, which must be dealt with meticulously depending on the type of rug. Mites can worsen conditions like hayfever, asthma, and allergies, making life uncomfortable for you and your family.

Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, understands your concern for the safety of your family. Our professional dust-mite removal service is not only effective but also ensures that the environment in your home is safe and hygienic for everyone.
Multi Coloured and Patterned Rug Cleaning
How Can You Tell If Your Rugs Are Getting The Best Treatment And Cleaning At Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex We completely inspect your rug before its cleaning and treatment. After that, we analyze the rug for any signs of damage and check to see how solid the dye is. Then, using one of two methods: steam cleaning or dry cleaning, we clean and fix your rugs. Our technicians steam clean your rug by injecting hot water that infiltrates deep into the fibre. We then use a high-tech dual vacuum machine to remove any ingrained stains, dust mites, grit, and other contagions. We vacuum your rug thoroughly to remove as much dirt and dust as possible before applying the dry-cleaning system. Then we percolate into the rug’s fibres with a special dry powder. And how about you? What do you have? A completely refreshed rug with a long-lasting, appealing, and extra-clean appearance. 

Call Carpet Pride in Hastings, East Sussex, now at 01424 751 594 to learn more about the benefits of our professional rug cleaning service and to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.

Small / Medium / Large Rugs

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